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Design Support

Thanks to the expertise and the practical experience of its team, MAUTECH can assist the design, product development and improvement of inventions of its customers so that they can direct their efforts and resources towards innovations with increased value that can be commercially exploited. MAUTECH can also produce validity analysis and freedom to operate analysis.

Patent Searches

Prior art patent searches are intended to help circumscribe patentable subject matters to reduce the risk of invalidation of patent claims. Searches are underlining patentable elements to avoid directing claims on elements already known. Patent researches allow inventors and companies to make informed decisions about whether to file a patent application or not to use their resources wisely.

Preparation and prosecution of patent applications

MAUTECH offers high-quality patent application preparation services aimed at obtaining the widest possible protection for the subject invention. MAUTECH also has a long experience in patent filing in the United States, Canada and elsewhere and provides its clients optimal strategies for each file.

Optimization of patent portfolio

MAUTECH provides its clients with the services and advice to develop, strengthen and optimize their patent portfolios for commercial exploitation that will enable customers to make informed decisions and recover profits from their investments.

Protection strategy Implementation

Each customer has unique intellectual property protection needs. MAUTECH provides advices and offers customized and flexible protection strategies that consider the situation and the constraints imposed on the client. The strategy evolves according to the circumstances to remain aligned with the needs and the objectives.

Brainstorming sessions

MAUTECH offers seminars and training services to inform interested people in the field of patents, to demystify the process of patents procurement, to highlight the stakes and difficulties encountered by inventors and companies, to explain the opportunities and the benefit of a properly planned protection and patenting strategy.


Indeed, by concluding a major deal with Apple Inc. in 2012 through the sale of some of its patents relating to graphic interface technologies, Mathieu Audet has acquired a high-level tangible expertise that he puts to the benefit of his customers.

Mautech is an Expert for the Groupement des chefs d’entreprise

Mautech is an Expert for the Groupement des chefs d'entreprise


Mautech inc. was incorporated in 2003 and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. We offer a full range of intellectual property services. We aim to promote best practices in this field to companies that develop innovative products and services. Mautech has a unique practical expertise from innovation to the monetization of patents.

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